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 Hello and welcome

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Hello and welcome Empty
PostSubject: Hello and welcome   Hello and welcome I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2013 10:05 pm

Let me introduce myself, I'm Tubz and I suppose I am the founder of this community. I've spent the last year and a few months helping to run a gaming guild. Things didn't work out and it was time for myself to part ways with that guild.

I made a lot of good friends and a lot of good memories in that community. I have a lot of respect for most of the people in the community. But, where they are headed and what I wanted from a gaming community became two different things. So here I am now.

My goal for a gaming community is to bring people together that enjoy gaming. Thats it. Plain and simple. You like games, we want you to join us and game with us. Not only game with us but, make content for YouTube, livestream, and even do podcasts.

I have experience with all of these things and, if you want to learn more about doing that, you've come to the right place. Our main focus isn't doing these things but, it does help a lot for growth of a community.

We want people that want to meet other friendly gamers to game with and discuss gaming with. We have a lot of people that have many different interests in gaming and as we grow and expand we'll have even more.

Right now, we have a server running for Minecraft with the Feed the Beast modpack. I've been running the server for a few months now and, the interest in that has been outstanding. The community ideals and environment is what I want to bring here. That is a good foundation to start from and that's what I'll be doing.

If you like what we're doing and know other people that would like to join a gaming community, please feel free to invite them to join us.
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Hello and welcome
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