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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2013 8:12 pm

Radiant Phoenix Server Rules

While we're a laid back, friendly comminity, rules are still a requirement, and we have a few guidelines that need to be followed if you're going to be playing with us. Please note that there are consequences for breaking the rules, and we hope to not have to resort to them.

  1. Do not grief, steal from, or harass fellow players in any way on the server. Friendly pranks amongst your own friends are allowed and, Tubz encourages them. Anyone found breaking these rules will be subject to a one time griefing by everyone else on the server and your inventory being completely erased. Should the issue arise a second time, you will be banned from the server.


  3. Do not set up rail systems in between the different ages/worlds. This forces the server to crash, and anyone caught doing so will be banned

  4. Due to the lag chunkloaders cause, we'll be monitoring the number of chunkloaders, and offering them as a reward for donating five dollars towads keepng the server running smoothly and lag-free. If you are found with one that is not authorized, we will be deleting them without warning.

  5. Quarries create an IMMENSE amount of lag. Only the smallest size is acceptable, and must be monitored so water/lava glitches don't occur. Quarries will be offered as a reward for a ten dollar donation towards keeping the server running smoothly and lag-free.

  6. Each donation will be handled separately and you will only receive the items according to how much you donate. If you want more than one chunk loader or quarry, then you will have to donate again or increase the amount donated the first time.

  7. Chunk loaders and quarries aren't necessary but, they are helpful. BUT, I want to make sure the server runs as great as it always has and with as little lag as possible. Those that donate should have some kind of reward and, if raising the capabilities of the server is necessary, to handle more people and items i.e. chunk loaders, then the money will be there to handle that.

  8. If a newer player makes a donation, then I will give them player privileges immediately. If a new player comes in and donates to the server, that tells me that they enjoy the server and, most likely won't cause any problems in the community.

  9. Pvp or head obtaining must be consensual. Killing a player without their consent will be considered griefing and is not allowed. Please alert the people on the server before attempting a duel, as killing a player randomely will look like griefing in the eyes of fellow members.

  10. All members are subject to a 1 month trial before being allowed permanently on the server. If, at any time, you are deemed to be immature, or a negative addition to our group, we hold the right to remove you from the server. This gives us time to get to know you as a player, and after the trial is up, you're free to stay.

  11. Many people who come to the server to play do so in groups. childish bickering amongst friends is common, and it's fine if you do so amongst yourselves, but please keep personal drama off the server. Anything said in the forums, or on the server, can be seen as drama, and raises flags among the members. The less we know the better, so keep it amongst yourselves as must as possible.

  • This server is for mature players, and we allow very few underage players in. Underage players are subject to rule #10 up until they turn 18. We reserve the right to remove underaged players at any point should they show immense amounts of immaturity.

  • Enjoy your time on the server. I look forward to seeing you all~

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Server Rules
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