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 Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Intro and balls *tee hee*)

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Intro and balls *tee hee*)  Empty
PostSubject: Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Intro and balls *tee hee*)    Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Intro and balls *tee hee*)  I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2013 10:25 pm

Hello to all new and seasoned members of the Radiant Phoenix Gaming Forums.
My IGN is AAAvlar, but call me Al. Here I plan a series of post showcasing some of the more epic mods i've seen. I love mods, vanilla Minecraft is good, but a mod takes vanilla and gives it a new life I think. And credit where credit is due. Every mod I show will have a link to the creators forum thread for it, and if there is a spotlight for it that will be here too. Most of the vids I watch on Youtube are Mod Spotlights. Some of my favorite one are by ThnxCya, iPodMail, and of course SkyDoesMinecraft.

To demonstrate here is a mod i just saw which brings one of my favorite things to the game. POKEBALLS!

Now Soul Shards are cool, but say you're out exploring and you brake your sword and you are surrounded by mobs, with this Pokeball mod you can bring a full on Iron Golem with you to save your sorry ass! Pokeball, go!

Very sweet. Its been around for several months now, and the developer is keeping steady with its updates.

It as you will have seen does not work on the Enderdragon, but really all you need is a raging Charizard.

That's it for this showcase, first of many. And if you have a mod you would like people to check out let me in the top post of the Mods section.

See ya on the server!
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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Intro and balls *tee hee*)
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