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 Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Double Dire Day)

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Double Dire Day) Empty
PostSubject: Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Double Dire Day)   Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Double Dire Day) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02, 2013 12:41 pm

Due to the fact that Direwofl20 has dubbed Saturdays as a Double Dire day, I thought it would bea good idea to follow suit. Here are 2 mods that he has spotlighted, that are some of my favorites.

First is the newest to the pack. Modular Powersuits. Essentially the poor mans quantum armor. Though these are anything but cheap. Lot of iron here, but well worth it.

Totally customizable, you can even integrate the Thaumcraft goggles into the helmet, handy.

Last is Thermal Expansion. This mod kinda came out of nowhere, but it is extremely handy. Especially now with tesseracts.

It really makes everything vanilla streamed lined and compact.

I should do another... but its DOUBLE Dire.. so meh. Save some for later.

See ya on the server.
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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Double Dire Day)
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