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 Triple-A's Mod Showcase (1.5 huzzah!)

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (1.5 huzzah!) Empty
PostSubject: Triple-A's Mod Showcase (1.5 huzzah!)   Triple-A's Mod Showcase (1.5 huzzah!) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2013 10:36 am

Yay I have finally found some mods that have been updated to 1.5 and are at the appropriate level of sweet. Here we go.

The first is a nice little nomad style mod from mod maker The_cLyde. This is the Portable house mod. I am definitely one of those people that love to travel around the world and not like to be chained to one spot, and this mod helps with that by allowing you to pack up your stuff and take it with you in a big way.

You could argue that its op, but screw that I can take my shit with me.

This next one is a mod that I would love see added to the server, but given it's havoc level that probably would not be the best idea. So I'd say give it a try on SSP. This is the Weather and Tornadoes Mod.

Very big on the wow factor. Very much for survival, because your nice things may get destroyed. Fun!

Ok, still waiting for people to submit something! So get on that. Definitely need a hand now that 1.5 is out.

See ya on the server.

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (1.5 huzzah!)
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