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 Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Mutants, Music, and Madness.)

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Mutants, Music, and Madness.) Empty
PostSubject: Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Mutants, Music, and Madness.)   Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Mutants, Music, and Madness.) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 21, 2013 5:32 pm

The change to 1.5 is slow going apparently, but I did manage to find several mods that are, that are epic, and are spotlighted by my favorite Youtubers.

These are both really a group of mods that really compliment each other.

First group is Mutants! Now it's not the badassery of the X-Men like mutants, these are genetically alerted and they will kill you, fun right? Mod maker thehippomaster21 has taken some of the most feared mobs and suped them up in horribly fun ways.

The Creeper and The Zombie:

The Snow golem:

and The Endermen!:

Each mutant is more insane then the next and you can even get daring and create your own with the unstable, CHEMICAL X! (Powerpuff Girl Ref. lol! )

Next is a couple of mods tailored to you Zelda fanatics. (I mean you Mina! Very Happy )

Now each is by a different mod maker, and one is more complex than the other.

The less complex but one that caught my eye more is a simple mod that lets you wield The Ocarina.
You craft music and each music piece allows you to enable certain enchantments.

A simple key code entry and you can raise the sun or raise your health. Pretty Sweet.

The last complex mod covers a wide array of items, tools, and weapons seen in the Zelda world. All of which i have no idea about. So enjoy the semi-long video detailing each one. Thanks for the BeBobVox.

Like I said if your a Z fan you're are probably liking what you are seeing. This mod is actually not ready for 1.5 but the creator assures that he is close. Good enough I say.

And you know the drill, leave a mod suggestion, and Ill see you on the new Ultimate pack.

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Mutants, Music, and Madness.)
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