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 kichou101 app

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PostSubject: kichou101 app   Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:02 pm

IGN - kichou101

Age - 19 20 this year

Have you ever been banned? (be honest, I'm not gonna stop you from being accepted) - I was banned for 10 minutes on one server because i was playing a joke with my friend and a mod was being nosy, got involved, than got mad when we said it was a joke.

Why should you be whitelisted? - I love playing with other people and my one friend is already on the server Smile. I am a great builder and a great helper.

How much do you know about FTB and the Direwolf mod pack? I know about 25% of the mod pack but im trying to learn more every day Very Happy
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kichou101 app
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