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 1.5 news and we need your input

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1.5 news and we need your input Empty
PostSubject: 1.5 news and we need your input   1.5 news and we need your input I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 6:31 pm

Ok so Slow posted today on the FTB forums and in the news section of the modpack about the release of 1.5 and how they are going to handle that. We have a couple options here. I do wanna see what DW20 does with his modpack and we may switch back to that depending on what he decides he wants to do.

Here is the original post from Slow:

All of these things I am discussing are about the ultimate server.

So, here's a couple options of things we can do:

1. Update the pack to the new private pack and, have 1.5 on the servers but, this requires a world restart. As it is recommended to only be played on a new world, I'm sure for world gen, which makes sense to me.

2. Don't update the pack, keep redpower 2 but, we won't see any of the new mods like Tinkers Construct or whatever else they add.

3. Wait to see what DW20 does with his modpack and switch back to it.

Also, I've noticed a huge lack of interest in the ultimate server. I can't say I blame people but, when I don't see someone on for hours at a time, it's hard for me to justify paying to keep that server going. The recruiting thread is still up on the ftb forums but, we haven't had any interest in a long time.

I, honestly, can't say I blame people for not playing on there as I really don't play much myself on there. I really enjoy the rpg modpack and a lot of others do too and, it's not going away anytime soon. There is a lot more interest in it, than in the ultimate pack so honestly, if either were going to be going away it would be the ultimate server.
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1.5 news and we need your input
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