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 The demise of the ultimate server

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The demise of the ultimate server Empty
PostSubject: The demise of the ultimate server   The demise of the ultimate server I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 19, 2013 9:28 pm

So, I'd been talking about how you can't trust some of the people on the ultimate server and I was considering shutting it down. Wellllllll someone logged into today and decided to portal gun spawn and, after that I decided no more.

Poky caught them in the act and they were banned right away but, this is exactly what I was talking about and why I don't enjoy playing on there.

It's better to have a small group of trusted members on your server than to advert public and let anyone come in. But, I didn't really know how people would be until I played with them.

Now, I've gotten a feel for how most of you are and act and who I can and cannot trust so, I'll only be letting those people that I feel won't wreck stuff or be annoying on the rpg server.

If you want to join the rpg server you'll have to put your name down under that post which is here:

I will let you know if you can then join or not. After that decision is made it is final so, don't bother asking me again if you can join. At that point it is most likely time for you to find yourself another server to join.

Also, if you don't want to play on the rpg server, you can go ahead and find yourself another server. No hard feelings there. I know some people want to play with all of the mods and do all the stuff and not have to play on rpg but, that's where our focus is right now. And it seems a lot of members really enjoy playing on there and feel it's a lot more balanced.

OH and the rpg server is on the slowpoke stream pack. Which, isn't just divinerpg, it actually adds most of my favorite mods with it as well. So, it's not just pure divinerpg, you do have thermal expansion, buildcraft, or steve's carts or about 10 others to help you.
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The demise of the ultimate server
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