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 Build Contest! #1

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Build Contest! #1 Empty
PostSubject: Build Contest! #1   Build Contest! #1 I_icon_minitimeSun May 05, 2013 1:51 am

Ok, so, with things being the way they are with the server, I get the opportunity to do some things that I wouldn't have thought of doing before. I've wanted to have a build contest for forever now but, wasn't quite sure how I'd do that. Now I have an idea!

We're going to have a build contest. The first one will be a mine contest. Let's see how well you can design your mine!

We're all gonna be mining under our houses so, why not take some time and make it nice? The winner gets to decide what mod gets put on the server next.

The winner will be chosen from a poll that I'll put up here. So, we need everyone to participate and decide who the winner is.

The deadline for your mine design will be one month from now - June 5. Automatic sorting systems aren't required but, it might just help you out...
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Build Contest! #1
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