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 Application example from FTB forum thread

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PostSubject: Application example from FTB forum thread   Application example from FTB forum thread I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2013 7:39 pm


Let me introduce myself, my IGN is Mrtubzy and most people call me Tubz and sometimes Tubzy. I run a gaming community called Radiant Phoenix Gaming and we have recently started a new FTB server and we want you guys to join us.

We have a cool website, check us out:

Also, if you want to be an official member you need to fill out an application and post it in the recruiting section of the forums.

I am very active in the community and on the server as well. At the moment I have 5 mods, who are also very active and very helpful when needed. I will add more if it becomes necessary. I just want to make sure you guys don't get harassed while trying to relax and play.

OK, on to the important stuff:

18+ but we will let some of the younger players come in for a trial run and if they can behave and act mature then we will let them stay on the server. If I have to babysit, then I'll just kick you out
This is a mature community and if you can't act mature then we aren't the community for you
Everyone is on a one month trial basis - that short lil app doesn't give me enough info to know how you are truly going to act in-game
No griefing/stealing - This is extremely important. We don't want you guys to have to worry about stealing or someone destroying something cool you've built and any offenders will be dealt with swiftly and harshly
We are using the Direwolf20 mod with added for extra fun
Specs on the server can be changed and upgraded if there is enough interest for it and donations are being accepted to fund the server at (all specs are subject to change, looking to increase server size to make sure there is little to no lag and to be able to have more people online at once)
30 player max
1536MB RAM
Dedicated IP
Currently, we have three-four people that play on the server regularly that have the ability to record and stream, so if you want your stuff on youtube we can put it out there. Also, we will be recording sections of the world and putting them on the community youtube
The server is on HARD difficulty
No hacking/X-raying
This is more of an adult community so language and such isn't a big deal so we are looking for mature people to join us in the community
Chunk loaders next to IC2 machines until they fix that bug
Smallest size for quarries - 9x9 and they need to be regularly monitored
Limit of one quarry per group and two chunk loaders per group
Extra quarries and chunk loaders are being considered to be offered as a reward for donating to keep the server running
Don't disrespect or slander other members
Don't ask to be a mod those positions are reserved for Radiant Phoenix members only
Don't spam chat
Be careful what you put through a portal, a lot of things will crash the server, i.e. carts, animals, villagers
When obtaining someone else's head, please let us know, so we don't think that someone is just griefing and not actually going for their head
Registration @ is required. Guys this is just to help keep you informed about what's going on in the server. If it crashes or if we're updating the server this would be the best place to check first. That's why it is required to register if you plan on staying on the server. You don't have to register to the forums before applying, come in and see if you like what we've got going on - then register for our website

We want to give you guys as much freedom as possible but we've had to cut out a couple things just to keep the lag down. I hate playing on a laggy server and no one else should have to play in our laggy server so, we are actively figuring out the best ways to keep it that way. We do have a lot of memory for being such a small server but some things still mess it up. I noticed that a lot of other servers don't allow quarries and things like that which, I think sucks but, I understand where they're coming from on that. All I ask is please don't put me in a position where I have to remove those items.

If you agree with all these rules please fill out an application by replying to this thread and we will get you in there as soon as possible. Also, you can email it
Application example: IGN -
Age -
Have you ever been banned? (be honest, I'm not gonna stop you from being accepted) -
Why were you banned?
Why should we let you be white listed?
How much do you know about FTB and the Direwolf mod pack?

Also, we have a neat little area in spawn with some nice stuff setup, including our logo and a couple other things. If you have the ability to create some nice things that you want to put in spawn as a community project we will definitely accept that.
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Application example from FTB forum thread
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