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 Mod Pack Change and Server Restart!

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Mod Pack Change and Server Restart! Empty
PostSubject: Mod Pack Change and Server Restart!   Mod Pack Change and Server Restart! I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2013 3:00 pm

The server is changing modpacks! Fear not, however, for it is not like we are going to completely change the server by switching to something like the Ampz modpack. No! The server is going to be upgrading to FTB Ultimate!

What is FTB Ultimate you ask? You can think of it as someone going "I don't know which pack I want to play... I'll just play all of them at once!" and then squishied them aaaaall together! =D

To play with the FTB Ultimate pack is simple, when you start your FTB launcher up, instead of starting with the Direwolf20 modpack, select FTB Ultimate. BAM! Change done!

Things to expect when you get started:
-Title and Esc screen is different, don't panic, that's normal!
-88 mods total!
-Different minimap!
-Gregtech, but don't run away! The recipe changes are on the default difficulty, which isn't as drastic of a change as it used to be!

Also of important news is a complete server restart! We're starting from scratch, so that means you may now have a chance to out-resource-gather me (offer is time limited, rawr!)

So switch your modpack and come on in!
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Mod Pack Change and Server Restart!
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