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 Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Member me?)

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Member me?) Empty
PostSubject: Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Member me?)   Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Member me?) I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 09, 2013 12:57 pm

[Note: the embedding for the videos seems to be broken, so the links are provided instead]

Ok I know i said Friday.. but I guess life got in the way or whatever, but hey I'm back and I got a bunch of sweet mods you should be trying and supporting.

The first was spotlighted by Direwolf but for some reason is not in his pack it's in the Magic world pack on the FTB launcher. Ars Magica. Its a recurring trend among magic mod makers to use runes, but this one makes it it's own. And though EE3 promises big Fullmetal Transmutation circles, Ars delivers.


I hope this is added to Dire's pack if not at least the Ultimate.

Forum Post:

Next is a very unconventional mod. Very creepy, such as its name, The CreepyPasta mod. This takes all those internet urban legends that are lil known to most and it packs them all together. It takes you back to when you first played Minecraft and were afraid to go out at night. (I know I was)


A lot of scary fun to be had by all. Screw waiting for Halloween.

Forum Post:

Ok if you have a mod that looks epic submit it to this discussion group at the top of the page.
See ya on the server.

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Triple-A's Mod Showcase (Member me?)
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